Welcome to the Bankers Club, Chittagong (BCC)

BCC has been established with its institutional form in 2008 though the necessity was assumed from the year 2000. At the very beginning, the activities of BCC were extended to a certain limit.  In this long span of time, the club has today built an unanimous network that opens doors to almost 56 of Commercial Banks along with their branches across Chittagong region.

The role of BCC is to coordinate members’ reciprocal visits among the banks in the network, and the list of participants is increasing progressively, benefiting banks and members alike. This club is unique place which brings together bankers from all corner of the region.

As a financial institution, Banks perform the activities mainly: collect deposit, giving loans and advances as well as works for social and economic development of a country. The modern banking facilities have eased our national and international trade by means of its MICRO and MACRO functions. It also expedites trade and commerce by acting as a useful link between the buyer and the seller, who are often too far away from the too unfamiliar with each other. Besides, the specialized banks channelise fund for development and growth of a specific sector of the economy, as a result, a balanced economic development of all sectors is ensured. Other than obeying law, a bank can do a number of things in society’s interest as well as its own and these go beyond normal social expectations. It serves its customers well, acts responsively and competitively and provides sponsor in cultural development and gives finance in sports of a country and what not. So there is no denying the fact that banking sector can be able to earn all the parameters for a booming economic success for a country.

The natural harbour of Chittagong is an ancient gateway to the region of Bengal. As a part of rich seafaring tradition of Bangali people, coastal Chittagong was ruled by Indian and Bangali kingdoms. In 1760, coded to British East India Company, Chittagong drew an extra attention as business hub and became the chief port of eastern Bangal and Assam. After the anti colonial uprising in 1930, rapid industrialization took place and Chittagong became part of East Pakistan. During Bangladesh’s liberation war in 1971, Chittagong was site of the country’s declaration of independence.

The economy of Chittagong is one of the largest and most rapidly growing economies in Bangladesh. Chittagong is the port city of Bangladesh and the business port of South-Asia. To such an extent, the city has emerged as a business hub that grosses more than one-third from Bangladesh’s national export which is indeed four times as much as Nepal and equivalent to Myanmer. Chittagong’s per capita income is highest and poverty rate and unemployment are lowest comparing to the rest of the country which is really a key indicator of necessary potentialities of global business summit. Moreover, Chittagong is the largest division of Bangladesh in terms of size and second largest in population. This city has the best standard of living among all Bangladeshi divisions.

Terming ‘Chittagong Port’ as a very important player in global economy for its geographical location and its historical international reputation, the economic activities may have a threshold of business success through the establishment of the Import and Export oriented economic zone. The business portfolio of Chittagong is revolved round by many pioneer business companies of the country which affirms the Bank’s intervention in every possible way positively.

As the city grows rapidly economically, all the banks of the country along with their branches are being operated by thousands of bankers from all places of the country. Mr. S.K.Sur Chowdhury, Deputy Governor, Bangladesh Bank (the then GM of Bangladesh bank, Chittagong) along with a number of Senior Bank Executives dreamt of such a club for the bankers which would carry a special value embedded with moral ethics and firm determination towards the welfare of national economy growth   in Banking Industry  and in over all business in Chittagong. His vision and deep contemplation on this particular issue has reached us to an undenominational thoughts and beliefs which have strengthened fraternity and Bonding Beyond Banking among the bankers.

The motto of the club is unambiguously implanted in the mind of the members to meet such a platform where souls of sameness will prevail and contribution to the national growth will go hand in hand in the days to come.